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550 Wellington Street, London

Centennial Hall is Orchestra London’s primary venue.
Some things to know about the hall:

  • The Orchestra level is flat.
  • The Mezzanine is two steps higher than the Orchestra level. The seats near the rail have a good view of the stage and are sought after by long time subscribers
  • There is no elevator to the balcony seating
  • Washrooms are located on the main floor and in the upper lobby, as well as in the basement (for busy concerts)
  • For Red Hot Weekends and other concerts with cabaret seating, the Orchestra and Mezzanine levels have Table Seating (10 seats per table) instead of traditional row seating
  • Parking is available off of Dufferin Avenue in the City Hall parking garage and north of Centennial Hall on the east side of Wellington Street
  • To view the seating plan for Centennial Hall for Pops Series or Red Hot Weekends (Balcony Only), click here.
  • To view the seating plan for Centennial Hall for Red Hot Weekends (Main Floor Only), see map below.


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