DIY Plumbing Tips for Your Bathroom

How many of you are facing difficult times due to several leaks in your bathroom? What most of us think of a bathroom leak is really disturbing. A bathroom leak repair is not a rocket science and it just needs a couple of hours (a day at most) to get executed.

In this article, I’ll be sharing some of the most useful tips from plumber Toronto to get your bathroom treated in a manner so that, you won’t have to suffer from the uncertainties of bathroom leaks.

Hot water is a proven agent for removing clogs from the drain pipes. It is the easiest and the smartest way to clear the jammed clogs from the pipelines. However, it is only useful for pipes of smaller circumference. A free flowing drainage system is an absolute necessity for a hygienic bathroom.

According to plumber Toronto, Most common causes of blockage are the hair fell from your head, shampoo sachets, soap chips and, plastic pouches. These unwanted blockages can be prevented by fitting special strainers. You can fit these special strainers in bath tubs and drainage nets to avoid blockages.

Another elementary thing which might require your attention is your shower heads. Have you noticed the uneven spray from your showerhead? This is caused by the dirt and minerals which get deposited in the pinholes of the showerhead which then block the water spray. Showerhead can be cleaned by unscrewing the nut known as “collar nut” and then cleaning the incoming and outgoing pin points. This is not a tricky thing as you can use any thin stick or even a metal wire for this purpose.

Another frequent plumbing problem happens is overflowing toilet tanks. This is the kind of problem which should ideally be treated by the experts because the toilet tanks have little minute mechanics to inlet and dispatch flush water. If you are not aware of the specifications of the mechanics, it is always better to call a professional plumber. However, if you know the basics, you can very well do it yourself.

You’ll have to look out for the level of water in the toilet flush tank and make sure that it is not getting overflown through the pipe. To make a conclusion, use water colors or any kind of colors from your kid’s stationary and put it into the flush tank. Now, come back after 10-20 minutes and check out the color of the deposited water. If the color is gone or faded, your water tank is leaking and it needs to get fixed.

Leaking bathroom taps are the most common plumbing problems which are caused by the old generation metal / plastic taps and / or, by low quality worn out pipe threads known as nipples. I would advise you to look out for a new Tap adapter (it has two ends : one plain and one female). If a leakage is not visible but nonetheless it is happening, Test plug should be used. A test plug is made of rubber which is used to seal the suspected pipe and then check the probable leakage area.

These were a handful tips which can be utilized in order to get a leakage free bathroom. There are more such tips which I’ll be covering in the coming articles.