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Dear Music Lover,

Music is unquestionably one of the most powerful, beautiful, healing, mind-expanding experiences we could ever have!  We use it to relax, to celebrate, to stimulate, and to educate.  Without it, the world would be a darker place.

Orchestra London offers the opportunity to escape the stress of every day life and enter a world of emotion and imagination, enabling us to laugh, to cry and to travel to times and places we could never know any other way.  When we come together through music, we are connecting with a very important part of ourselves and each other.

Only live music can provide a sense of energy between musicians and audience so intense that one can feel the electricity.  This experience is shared by old and young alike.  Anyone who has witnessed one of Orchestra London's Education Concerts knows by the children's faces that the music reaches right to their hearts.

You can help keel this joy of music alive by contributing to Orchestra London's Membership Campaign.  As a member, you will provide a piece of our financial foundation.  You'll be entitled to special membership benefits, or course, but more importantly, you'll become a partner in sharing symphonic music with our entire community.  Thousands of children will be thanking you.  I hope you'll join us!

Sincerely yours,
Christine Newland, Principal Cellist

Reaching out...in new ways
Did you know that Orchestra London travels to area schools performing to 10,000 students a year?  For many children, this is the only opportunity to hear live orchestral music.  Years of educational budget cuts have drastically reduced general music education programs in our schools.  Orchestra London's Education Concert Series is more important now than ever.

It's not just children, though, who can't come to Orchestra London's regular concerts.  There are members of our community who for many reasons cannot experience the joy of hearing a symphony orchestra.

In 2002, Orchestra London launched the Community Concert Series to reach those who live too far or have financial or mobility challenges.  Through this program the Orchestra will perform concerts in parks, community centres, malls, churches, nursing homes and medical facilities.

Your membership support is critical to Orchestra London continuing these community and educational programs.

Whether you're a subscriber to our Masterworks or Pops Series or a single ticket buyer to Red Hot Weekends, help us share the joy of music.  Become a member today!

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"..and music brings you closer to all the best things in life."

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