Why Support the Orchestra?
"If we are to contribute to a livable society, we must strive to assure that poetry exists to temper technology; that music enlivens and enhances our educational growth; that dance and sculpture challenge our imaginations as much as any new scientific discovery."
W.A. Reynolds
A quality orchestra is a sign of a healthy community. The existence of Orchestra London assists businesses and learning institutions in attracting quality personnel with advanced degrees and top management skills. Moreover, Orchestra London contributes immeasurably to the quality of life of our region and is a factor in evaluation of our city and province as a potential relocation site for the corporate community.
Orchestra London is committed to serving a large and diverse audience through innovative musical programming, education programs, outreach projects, and new artistic endeavors. Orchestra London provides a variety of important services to our community:
• Orchestra London’s presence assures that a pool of highly-skilled musicians continues to be available to provide quality, professional-level musical education in London and area
• Orchestra London greatly enhances London’s attractiveness nationally to corporations or individuals considering relocation
• Through our Education Concerts and Backstage Pass Programs, Orchestra London has introduced over 16,000 children to enjoyable, educational musical experiences
• As part of our Volunteer Recognition Program and Charities Support Program, Orchestra London provides over 500 free tickets to our community partners
• Our commitment to the development and promotion of young, emerging Canadian artists continues through our Conductor in Residence Program and promotion of Canadian Guest Artists within our concert series

Become a Member Today

Performing great music for our community has always been our mission. Thousands of ticket buyers confirm their support of this goal. However, ticket sales alone cannot sustain a great orchestra. Only with the contributions of generous individuals, foundations, and corporate partners can orchestra London be sure to thrive. Whether you’re a subscriber, single ticket buyer, and general music lover, help us share the joy of music. Become a member today! Call (519) 679-8558 (online form coming soon).


Our performances would not be possible without the generous support of our corporate community partners. Sponsorships are available from $1,000 to $30,000 with a variety of advertising and marketing benefits available to recognize your partnership with Orchestra London. For more information on sponsorship opportunities, please contact Kimberly Parker, Director of Marketing & Development by email at [email protected] or by phone at (519) 679-8558.

Endowment Program

An endowment is a permanent fund bestowed upon an individual or institution, to be used for a specific purpose. Permanent endowments are income-earning funds that benefit the charity in perpetuity. Donors' original gifts are never spent — only the earnings are used by the charity.

The Orchestra London Endowment Program provides you with the opportunity to assist with the long term support of specific areas of our organization. This program includes, but is not limited to, the endowment of our Conductors, Concertmaster, Principal Chairs, education, and our capital fund. An endowment may be established through a gift of cash or securities or through a pledge payable over three to five years. Orchestra London is pleased to work with several industry leaders for the investment of our endowment funds, including the London Community Foundation, and The Ontario Arts Endowment Program.


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