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Jeffrey Wall, violin

Jeff has been a full-time member of Orchestra London since 1987. This is his second stint with the orchestra: after completing his Bachelor of Music at the University of Toronto (History and Literature of Music, class of '74) and Associateship of the Royal Conservatory of Toronto (Gold Medal, 1975) he joined the newly minted Sinfonia of the then London Symphony Orchestra in September, 1975. In 1979 he left to freelance in his home town of Toronto, where he became a member of the Royal Winnipeg Ballet Orchestra and was a frequent extra player with the National Ballet Orchestra, Hamilton Philharmonic Orchestra and Kitchener-Waterloo Symphony Orchestra. In 1981 he married London pianist Lois Sands, paving the way for his eventual return to the Forest City. They are raising one cat.

Since 1996 Jeff has also been the author of the orchestra's programme notes (The Inner Voice), in which he turns his second violin chair into a soapbox and holds forth on the masterworks of Western music. His house is a library of recordings, books and periodicals, which he spends most of his spare time cataloguing. He has toured as a member of the orchestra for Les Miserables, and since 1995 has been a regular extra with the Stratford Festival Orchestra.


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