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Orchestra London

Centennial Hall


550 Wellington Street, London

Centennial Hall is our main venue for the Ovation Series, Pops Series, and Red Hot Weekends.
It is located in downtown London, directly across from Victoria Park.
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About The Venue:

  • The Orchestra level is flat.
  • The Mezzanine is two steps higher than the Orchestra level. The seats near the rail have a good view of the stage and are sought after by long time subscribers.
  • There is no elevator to the balcony seating.
  • Washrooms are located on the main floor and in the upper lobby, as well as in the basement (for busy concerts).
  • For Red Hot Weekends and other concerts with cabaret seating, the Orchestra and Mezzanine levels have Table Seating (10 seats per table) instead of traditional row seating.

Seating Maps:

All facilities used by Orchestra London are wheelchair accessible. We are also proud to provide our patrons with assistance of our trained ushers who are available at all concerts to assist with any accessibility needs of our patrons.



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