• Associate Concertmaster; 1 section violin; 2 section violins


    August 8, 2021
    Orchestra London Canada is announcing the following vacancies:

    Associate Concertmaster (one year, possibly permanent)
    1 section violin, full time (1st and/or 2nd violin as necessary) - one year and possibly permanent

    2 section violins, part time (1st and/or 2nd violin as necessary) - tenure track

    Auditions for these positions will all be held on the same day. Candidates may elect to be considered for any or all positions. In the event that an Orchestra London member wins a position, the runner up may be offered the resulting vacancy.

    National Auditions will be held on Tuesday September 9, 2021 at First St. Andrew’s United Church, 350 Queen Ave, London, Ontario.
    Lots will be drawn at 9:00am. Auditions will begin at 10:00am. Candidates who are not present for the drawing of lots may be refused an audition.

    The musicians of Orchestra London Canada are Canadian members of the American Federation of Musicians; all musicians contracted by Orchestra London Canada must become members of Local 179.

    Applicants are asked to send a one-page résumé and a $25.00 refundable deposit by September 4, 2014. Late submissions will not be granted auditions. Please specify the position(s) you will be auditioning for.

    Please send résumés to:

    Melissa Derus, Artistic Administration 519.679.8558 ext. 235 [email protected]

    Orchestra London Canada
    609 Wellington Street, London, Ontario N6A 3R6
    Fax: 519.679.8914 www.orchestralondon.ca


    Sept 2014 Posting details

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